Business Intelligence

Businesses today have large amounts of information at their disposal. What they lack is the ability to make it actionable—to quickly sift through the information coming in via multiple systems and customer touch-points and isolate what will really make a business impact.
That’s what Concurrent Technologies has a proven track record in delivering.

Knosys™ Executive Information System

Business Intelligence for smarter, faster decisions... when they really matter.
The name KNOSYS (pronounced knōw’-sĭs) is derived from the Greek word for knowledge—Gnosis (γvwσις) —specifically: knowledge that digs deep, going beyond what is merely apparent on the surface.

Business moves quickly. Opportunities appear and quickly disappear. The KNOSYS™ Executive Information System is the solution for taking advantage of today’s fast, fluid markets—providing you with the business intelligence you need to make smarter, faster, sounder decisions when it really matters.

The Problem

For most businesses, the problem is not too little information. And it’s not too much information. The problem is the complexity of the information that’s available: sifting through multiple systems and customer touchpoints to isolate what will really make a business impact. Most enterprises simply do not have the time, the personnel or the in-house expertise needed to develop the appropriate tools and adapt their IT infrastructures for today’s complex, global business environment.

That’s what is needed to deliver actionable “business intelligence.”
That’s what KNOSYS will deliver to you.

The Solution: Knosys

KNOSYS is a proven solution that enables companies of all kinds to get the information they need to drive effective strategy development. Working with both internal and external information sources, KNOSYS extracts, integrates and presents vital tactical and strategic data in a form that enables fast, thorough decision making.

KNOSYS takes advantage of on-line analytical processing (OLAP), reducing the time required to combine and consolidate information from multiple data sources.

Executives can track any number of measures (total sales, profits, etc.) across any number of dimensions (by country, region, location, individual, etc.) By isolating and relating the most critical data elements across your business organizations, you get the most accurate, complete views of your customers, products, services and resources.


KNOSYS presents information in executive-level dashboards designed for your needs, going beyond simple static images and providing the means to effectively explore the information being visualized. Drill down Colorsmart™ reporting helps you pull apart data to isolate trends or problems.

The result: with KNOSYS you are able to:

  • Maximize your information value faster.
  • Address your critical business needs faster.
  • Adapt to changing conditions faster.

Seamless Access to Your Information - 24/7/365:

Concurrent Technologies makes KNOSYS available as an on-demand, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, fully protected and managed through our cloud computing infrastructure. This removes complexity from installation, deployment and maintenance, providing you with a solution that is scalable, globally accessible and cost-effective. We take care of adapting the system to your needs as well as managing and maintaining it. You have 24/7/365 access to your data through any Web browser

Getting Started

To get started, we first work with you to understand how you can best take advantage of KNOSYS. Concurrent Technologies has worked with leading companies in telecommunications, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, professional services, banking/finance and more. We have extensive experience integrating KNOSYS across sales channels, legacy systems and business units. Data translation between systems is seamless: KNOSYS includes an optional Web services connector that eliminates the need for custom interfaces to support data exchange. Pricing is based on usage. As part of our initial consultation, we provide a detailed assessment of how your organization will be able to take advantage of KNOSYS and what level of investment is required.

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Download the Knosys™ Executive Information System (Download data sheet) - a  proven solution that enables companies of all kinds to get the information they need to drive effective strategy development. 


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