Custom Software Development

Concurrent Technologies has a skilled team management process of agile experts working on a wide range of solutions. We utilize the full potential of developers with the technical expertise across a wide spectrum of competitive technologies. Our experts are well versed in creating Enterprise JAVA and .NET solutions, while managing huge volumes of complex data within Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and scalable NoSQL systems. Each solution is delivered and maintained on secure Linux, UNIX, and Windows platforms with optimal performance and reliability in mind.

Powerful development tools and libraries drive our enterprise projects, allowing our Web-Based projects to approach a unique, intuitive native-application look and feel. We are intimately familiar with the nuances of complex development libraries involved in the latest Web API 2 programming, including AngularJS, Knockout, jQuery, ExtJS, Dojo and others. Our suite of web solutions all specialize in a responsive-design frontend UI / UX experience that delivers simplistic, 3-click max approaches towards accessing any feature at ease on all mobile-friendly/desktop devices.

As a valued Magento/E-Bay partner, Concurrent Technologies builds, customizes, and maintains a nationwide network of e-commerce sites. Each of our sites processes substantial volumes of credit card and ACH payments per day in a PCI Compliant end-to-end solution.

Developing for mobile technologies in using a cross platform method way has allowed allows us to be uniquely suited for development in the iOS / Xcode environment as well as the Android and Windows Mobile marketplaces.

At Concurrent Technologies, we understand how technology and the Internet can work together to benefit your business in ways that you never thought would be possible. We are here to help your company reach its peak potential.


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