Work Item Management

In any list of enterprise objectives, the following appear over and over: Efficiency, Productivity, Business agility and responsiveness, Customer focus - Success in achieving these objectives requires a holistic approach to operational improvement particularly given the growing number of customer “touch points” that are now part of enterprise processes.

Work Item Management™

Integrating processes and touchpoints to achieve an enhanced customer experience
Work Item Management (WIM™) from Concurrent Technologies supports the delivery of a consistent customer experience by monitoring touchpoints and business workflows, identifying situations that negatively impact customer satisfaction and organizing the enterprise-wide response.

The Problem

With so many different ways for customers to interact with your enterprise, so many processes supporting each interaction and such heightened expectations for responsiveness, it’s no wonder that delivering a quick, consistent customer experience remains a major enterprise challenge.

  • Customer touchpoints are increasing and growing more complex and now include the phone, e-mail, Web chat, IM, Social media and more.
  • Customer demographics are changing: post-Baby Boom generations raised on new technologies have heightened expectations for anywhere, anytime service.
  • The processes supporting each customer experience, from point of sale or inquiry through management of workflow and delivery of your products/services, must now be more tightly integrated than ever before.

The Solution

Work Item Management (WIM) from Concurrent Technologies speeds and enhances customer service by monitoring communications channels and business processes, identifying situations that require intervention and managing the resources devoted to resolving the situation.

Based on an intelligent work engine developed through years of customer engagements, Concurrent Technologies’ WIM solution effectively allocates resources where they are most needed, where they will do the most good, and in the most effective manner possible.

Adapt WIM to Your Business Processes

WIM adapts and enhances your existing business processes:

  • Automatically converting any order or inquiry into discrete work lists.
  • Allowing you to adapt the system to respond to exceptions, classes of inquiries/orders, specific customers, etc.
  • Balancing workloads based on a wide range of factors including work in queue and skill sets.
  • Providing comprehensive reporting on order status and critical-path deliverables for ongoing monitoring and Resolution of outages and bottlenecks.

WIM standardizes your communications across touchpoints and also provides clear audit trail/documentation for follow-up and compliance purposes.

Focused on Responsiveness and Customer Satisfaction

The result is an end-to-end solution entirely focused on improving enterprise responsiveness and customer satisfaction:

  • A single solution that integrates and enhances responsiveness across departments, processes and geographies, as well as supporting customer self-service options.
  • Specifically addresses situations/exceptions that cannot/are not being addressed by existing applications and processes.
  • Provides a way to identify problem situations and oversee the response, including allocating workloads across globally distributed customer service resources.

WIM Solution Components

WIM consists primarily of two modules—a distribution routing module and a worklist module—that interface with your existing systems:

  • Customer communication channels & customer care
  • Sales, ordering and provisioning
  • Billing, order status and tracking

For implementation, WIM takes account of your business rules, routing rules, user types and hierarchy, e-mail processing configuration, etc. The result is a solution that can be adapted to your needs today and also evolves as your business model and needs change.

Seamless Access to Your Information: 24/7/365

Concurrent Technologies makes WIM available as an on-demand, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, fully protected and managed through our cloud computing infrastructure. This removes complexity from installation, deployment and maintenance, providing you with a solution that is scalable, globally accessible and cost-effective.

We take care of adapting the system to your needs as well as managing and maintaining it. You have 24/7/365 access to your data through any Web browser.

Getting Started

To get started, we first work with you to understand how you can best take advantage of WIM. Concurrent Technologies has worked with leading companies in telecommunications, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, professional services, banking/finance and more.

We have extensive experience integrating WIM across sales channels, legacy systems and business units. Data translation between systems is seamless: WIM includes an optional Web services connector that eliminates the need for custom interfaces to support data exchange. Pricing is based on usage. As part of our initial consultation, we provide a detailed assessment of how your organization will be able to take advantage of WIM and what level of investment is required.

Learn more about how Concurrent Technologies WIM™ (Work Item Management ) (Download data sheet) helps companies streamline the workflows that support customer engagements.


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