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CRM Solution Development

Our Customer Relationship Management Tool

Customer service is critical to any enterprise today—it’s the key to competitive differentiation, customer retention and overall brand awareness. But matching your customer service delivery to the changing needs of the marketplace has never been more challenging. Changing demographics, new technologies and new forms of communication and interaction—not the least of which are the growing social media networks—all require a significant shift in customer service strategies.

Transforming website leads into profitable, ongoing customers

You have a great website that gets thousands of hits, but how many of those hits turn into interested, buying customers? If you are like most enterprises, the answer is all too few. ReachSpark™ from Concurrent Technologies is designed to change that, giving you the tools that transform website visitors into engaged and loyal customers.

The Problem

You are probably familiar with the pre-packaged online marketing solutions/services that gather the names of visitors to your website for mass e-mails and outbound calling. Unfortunately, the success rate of these one-size-fits-all solutions is typically low and the reason is simple: when you use the same generic, off-the-shelf packages, there is very little that separates your marketing outreach from the thousands of other companies that are also using the same programs.

The Solution

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, ReachSpark from Concurrent Technologies provides a solution customized to your needs. Instead of an application that stands apart from your other online marketing investments, ReachSpark integrates directly with your website and takes advantage of your branding, marketing messages, competitive positioning, promotions and more, to build custom, focused marketing campaigns that drive real results.

Integrated Lead Generation

ReachSpark was developed by Concurrent Technologies in conjunction with leading FORTUNE 1000® companies that needed an integrated approach to lead generation. Delivered as an on-demand software solution—hosted by Concurrent Technologies and adapted specifically to your needs — ReachSpark provides seamless functionality that can be integrated with all of your online interactions.

Understanding preferences/needs:

ReachSpark provides tools that allow you to continually learn about the preferences of website visitors and the products and services that interest them—such as easy-to-use, fill-in-the-blank and check-off forms, enabling visitors to quickly provide information on their preferences and interests.

Delivering targeted, customized responses

Instead of simply responding with a generic message, ReachSpark enables you to turn every interaction into an opportunity for a customer engagement, responding specifically to information provided by the visitor. This can include targeted welcome messages, hotlinks and other communications presented automatically to visitors and addressing their stated needs. Based on the information provided, ReachSpark can determine the timing of the response: immediate, 24-hours, etc.

Over time, the tools and continuous interaction supported by ReachSpark enable your company to build a comprehensive profile of tens of thousands of site visitors through ongoing dialogs and information exchanges. This information becomes a valuable resource you can return to over and over for outreach and market research.

Adapt ReachSpark to Your Business Processes

ReachSpark adapts and enhances your existing business processes:

  • Automatically converting any information provided by a visitor into a data field that can be used in marketing and outreach.
  • Allowing you to adapt the system to respond to specific inquiries, types of visitors, stated preferences, etc.
  • Supporting a wide range of marketing outreach, including calls, e-mails, online newsletters, etc.
  • Mining the data collected and directing promotional activities to self-selected, receptive customers and prospects.
  • Assessing the results through a built-in reporting module that supports analysis and decision making.

ReachSpark delivers real results

The more custom and focused your marketing, the better the results.

ReachSpark helps you achieve this goal by leveraging your investment in your website and providing the tools that transform your online presence into a marketing engine, driving:

  • Higher response rates and conversions.
  • Higher levels of customer engagement.
  • Greater loyalty.
  • Greater customer satisfaction

Seamless Access to Your Information 24/7/365:

Concurrent Technologies makes ReachSpark available as an on-demand, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, fully protected and managed through our cloud computing infrastructure. This removes complexity from installation, deployment and maintenance, providing you with a solution that is scalable, globally accessible and cost-effective.

We take care of adapting the system to your needs as well as managing and maintaining it. You have 24/7/365 access to your data through any Web browser.

Getting Started

To get started, we first work with you to understand how you can best take advantage of ReachSpark. Concurrent has worked with leading companies in telecommunications, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, professional services, banking/finance and more.

We have extensive experience integrating ReachSpark across sales channels, legacy systems and business units. Data translation between systems is seamless: ReachSpark includes an optional Web services connector that eliminates the need for custom interfaces to support data exchange. Pricing is based on usage. As part of our initial consultation, we provide a detailed assessment of how your organization will be able to take advantage of ReachSpark and what level of investment is required.

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