The History of Concurrent Technologies

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The History of Concurrent Technologies

Concurrent Technologies has pioneered the delivery of managed IT services since 1986. From outsourcing, to innovative e-business capabilities, to managed, cloud computing/SaaS offerings, Concurrent maintains an unrelenting focus on results-driven, IT solutions that drive enterprise performance.

Concurrent has consistently evolved its hosted applications to meet the needs of FORTUNE 500® companies, from its first CRM offerings (such as order processing and fulfillment) to business intelligence and work flow management. Leveraging our expertise and the ability to quickly implement solutions through our extensive data center facilities results in:

Enterprise agility: Implement innovative IT capabilities without lengthy provisioning and large, up-front capital investments.

Enterprise focus: Benefit from the flexibility and allocate critical internal resources on core competencies.

Reduced risk: Achieve greater flexibility in the hiring of staff, support resources and other personnel; respond more effectively to application complexity and the rapid rate of business change.

Concurrent Technologies (CT) is a leading provider of innovative, hosted IT services including Web-based solutions for business intelligence, work process management and CRM. More >
As one of the first companies to pioneer a cloud computing/SaaS approach to the delivery of critical enterprise applications, Concurrent Technologies has the experience that enables us to succeed where other, less experienced SaaS providers often fail. More >
Concurrent Technologies has the resources needed to support a range of enterprise IT needs. More >
Concurrent succeeds through long-term client relationships. The following awards have been issued to Concurrent Technologies. More >